1. 101% #sustainable

    A fashion-tech clothing brand deeply committed to sustainability, catering to the environmentally conscious urban dweller.

    Utilizing the highest quality recycled & regenerated materials, all products are designed and produced in Mexico city.

    All orders are made-to-order to limit unnecessary waste, emphasizing our commitment to reducing environmental impact.

  2. 101% #futurefocused

    Merging the functionality of performance-wear with the necessity of city dressing, for those who live a cosmopolitan life that requires both style and functionality.

  3. 101% #givingback

    For every order placed, a jacket is donated to migrants at the US-MEX border, where we also donate unworn samples.

  4. 101% #contact



  1. Travel to a faraway galaxy to experience our latest SPACE COLLECTION at zero gravity above Planet 101. Monitored by neighbouring planets and a space station, we invite you to an out-of-this-world shopping experience.
  2. Model J sunglasses, digitally engineered and created around the way we move today.
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